Fonio, the jewel of Africa, is a gluten free grain that has been around for centuries. Lanfala offers the white fonio or scientifically known as Digitaria exilis, which is one of the most popular, delicious, and nutritious grains in Africa. Fonio has been considered to be a luxury grain for its rarity and health benefits. Nowadays, fonio is enjoyed by every community around the world because it is highly rich in essential elements. The white fonio is very beneficial to children, the elderly, pregnant women, people living with diabetes, and folks battling obesity. It is also all natural and abundant in essential amino acids that are vital for the human body. Its tininess and lightness make it suitable for people with digestive problems.

Aside from its health benefits, versatility is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity. Fonio is steamed to make couscous or is used in a salad; it can be cooked just like rice to be served with stew or gravy. Furthermore, fonio is boiled to make porridge. Finally, it can be transformed into flour to make bread, cakes, cookies, pancakes or pasta.